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 Why choose Atelier Faerie ?

- All sets are handcrafted and made custom size on order.

- All sets are made with premium material such as gelly tip instead of cheap plastic tip and Professional Korean/Japanese brand of gels.

- I offer a variety of styles ranging from seasonals, holidays, themes and anime/videogames sets.

- Cute and Elegant nails for every occasion.

What are your price ?
Price are in USD$

I have 4" tiers"
 ♡  Simple Permanent collection 55$
 ♡  Pre-design set between 80-100$
 ♡  Mystery set 130$
 ♡  Custom set 150$

How long do they stay on?
With proper application they can stay on nails for up to 2 weeks, but in general with daily life you'll probably lose one nail before that, Mine usually last for a week and I'm extremely manual.

Are they one time use ?
No ! That's the great thing with pressons for the price of a salon manicure you get beautiful nails you can wear again and again. As long as you take care of them (apply and remove properly) and avoid acids (always wear gloves when cleaning and if you like to cook like me, rinse your nails immediately after using acid like lemon or vinegars) , they can last for a very long time. If you have a big collection of presson you can always invest into a top coat and cheap amazon lamp to make touch up after months of wear.

How do I order a custom set ?
Subscribe to my mailing list to see when I open slot ^-^ After buying one you will be mailed or DM with a google form to filled !

Why are my nails scratched on the inside ?
This is call etching ^-^ I use my nail drill to scratch the inside which help application stay on longer !

Do you restock ?
Not likely, I get bored very easily and doing the same set for too long is just sooooo boring. In general, I will rarely offer more than 4 of the same set, especially for a character set. So if you like one, do not wait and grab it before it's gone forever !

Do you ship internationally ?
Yes ! But there's so many countries it is hard to keep up, if you are outside north america, europe, australia and japan please contact me first ! I ship from canada but price are USD as most of my client came from usa.

I just put on my presson and my nail hurts, is it normal ?
Putting a presson is just like having a very tight ponytail or getting your braces adjusted, it creates pressure on your body and in return might hurt a bit until your body gets used to it. The sensation usually disappears very quickly. The more often you wear pressons, the less you will feel that pull sensation. Personally, when I haven't worn a presson for like a month, my fingers are uncomfortable for like 5hours then i'm fine, when i change them every week I have literally 0 sensation. 

I just removed my presson and it destroyed my nails !!
There's only 2 answers here : If you didn't listen to my recommendation on how to take them, you might rip your nails. If you follow my recommendation, it's just residue glue stuck on your nail. That glue is very intense and can stay on nails for WEEKS if not properly buff out, many of my colleague believe their nail were chipping after removing gel nail themself

I just receive my pressons and they are broken !!
I am not responsible for damaged goods. All orders are packed with protection and are at the mercy of the shipping service. So far no nail suffer from bad mailman. However I offer replacement nail service, DM me.

I just received my pressons and there's a default on them !
All my pressons nails are made with the utter attention and love, since they are all hand-made the product may slightly vary from photo. Colour can also vary due to lighting or monitor setting. However, having ADHD sometime even If i triple check everything some things might happen, if one of your nail end up with a cat hair, a missing top coat or a weird crap on it, DM me with a picture and I will replace it immediatly free of charge/shipping. ( So far it only happen on my own nail because I don't care about myself, but I cannot excluse the posibility of screwing up with a client some day, if you are the unlucky person, I am so sorry T_T )

- - -

Why is it named Atelier Faërie ?

Atelier is a French word that describes a private workshop or studio of a professional artist. It was really important for me to reflect the fact thatI make presson as a way to express my art. I'm not here to end up on shark tank and be rich.

Faërie was chosen because I'm a very whimsical, dreamy and fantasy-inclined girl. I think life would be too boring without a sparkle of magic in it. I really identified with fairies as they are mischievous enchanted playful beautiful creatures. I like nature and sparkles and as an Irish descendant I decided to pick the old way of writing fairy; Faerie. Which I find even more accurate as faeries tend to include more kinds of creatures than just the modern fairy.

I used both faerie and faërie. As I soon remember, the internet and English language do not like accents ¬_¬.  So you'll mostly see "faërie" on my official branding and logo but "faerie" on the web address and name shop.